Google Fi Bill Protection

Google Fi Bill Protection

Google Pay Bill Protection

Google Fi Bill Protection seems pretty incredible.

Considering the Google Fi service will cap off at 6GB and essentially give you FREE Internet Data afterwards.

What is Google FI?

Google Fi Bill Protection is apart of the Google FI Voice and Data Service by Google.

Google’s new Google Fi Bill Protection and Google Fi Service go together like two peas in a pod.

For starters, it’s Google.

Come on now.

Google has created some awesome products and services.

While also acquiring various products and services from other companies.

Google has done this as part of their corporate marketing and business strategy.

Which I must add, is awesome!

Google FI Bill Protection

So what exactly is the Google FI Bill Protection?

The whole idea behind Bill Protection is simple.

You will never spend more than $60/mo for unlimited data, text and voice.


But don’t take my work for it

Check it out for yourself below:

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