What is Network Marketing

What is Network Marketing is a heated discussion.

Hey, this is Ray.

In this video, I’m going to teach you exactly “What Is Network Marketing“.

So without haste, lets get started.

So What is Network Marketing?

This is a topic that I get asked quite a bit and it’s what hear new people talking about alot.

Well Network Marketing is probably one of the greatest business structures in all of the world.

It’s similar to Franchising but with out the huge price tag associated with getting started.

A franchise like McDonald’s, Subway or Burger King can cost you $250,000.000 easy on a Saturday night.

Compare that to $250 where you can start your very own Global Internet E-Commerce system.

1) What is Network Marketing

Network Marketing allows you the ability to Work from Home!

But thats not all. You also get to Be Your Own Boss and Set Your Own Flexible Schedule.

In a nutshell, Network Marketing means: No Boss, No Commutes, No Office Drama, Massive Savings on Expenses (Rent, Mortgage, Utilities, Cellphone, Internet, Meals, Gas, Vehicle Maintenance, etc)

2) What is Network Marketing #2:

Network Marketing is the perfect way to work from home and save money!

Saving Money with your Network Marketing is super easy! Starting day 1, working from home can save you a ton of money!

Being a Network Marketer means you are in business for yourself.

And that means, you get big tax breaks from uncle Sam!

That’s right, you can get numerous tax break for almost anything you purchase (for your business that is).

Including, a portion of your home/mortgage/rent for office space, your lights and gas and utilities; Plus your cell phone, wireless service, Internet service, gas, mileage, meals, health insurance, business trips, business vacations, etc.

That’s the power of having your own Network Marketing business!

3) And last, but not least, Network Marketing is a very fair and just business.

It is a business where you can Start an International Business today, with little to no education, knowledge or experience, in a matter of moments.

It really is a unique kind of business.


So first, we learned today that Network Marketing is one of the very best business platforms out there for most people to take advantage of.

Second, we learned that Network Marketing can be a great way for you to get started working from home. This allows you to put your feet in the waters and test out the business before sinking and getting in over your head. We also learned that Network Marketing can save you a huge amount of money every month in tax breaks and expenses. But check with your accountant first on this.

And last, but definitely not least, we learned that Network Marketing can be a cost effective way of starting a franchise like business. But without the six figure digit cost.

I hope you enjoyed this video on What is Network Marketing.

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What is Network Marketing

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