What Is Internet Marketing Tools

What is Internet Marketing Tools Training Video is the Nuts and Bolts to building your online business.

In this video, I am going to talk to you about setting up

  1. Using a Website and Blog
  2. Using an Email Marketing System
  3. Using Traffic Generation
  4. Using Personal Branding

So lets get started…

Website and Blog

In this video, What is Internet Marketing Tools, you’ll want to get on your own website or blog system.

With your own What is Internet Marketing Tools Blog or Website, you can take the products from your MLM, Network Marketing or Affiliate Program, and place them directly into your Blog or Bebsite.

This will give you a definite advantage over your competition.

Your competition is probably using the same, Self Replicated Websites, that everyone else is using.

Email Marketing System

The What Is Internet Marketing Tools Email marketing needs to be the number one reason why you are building a website or a blog.

Your goal is simple: To Capture Emails Addresses!

I am sure you have heard me say this quite a bit, but Email Marketing is very, very, important!

Email Marketing gives you the ability to have a resrvoir or list of leads, prosptcts and referrals for promoting or offering your product or service.

Traffic Generation

Now, lets move on to Traffic Generation!

The What is Internet Marketing Tools Traffic Generation is the meat and potatoes of your business and internet marketing.

Not to mention, to me, this is the most exciting part.


Because you cant get to this part of your business until you setup your  What is Internet Marketing Tools Website/Blog and Email marketing systems.

Important: You can not skip ahead. You can not pass go or collect anything!

Let me repeat, there is no way to successfully use a Traffic Generation system without setting up your Web/Blog and Email Marketing.

So don’t even try it! 🙂

Traffic generation really is fun stuff.

You can do all types with it because there are so many different ways to do it.

For instance, You have Free Advertising and Pad Advertising.

Free Advertising is great because it’s free and if don’t have
a lot of money, then you better have a lot of time.

Because free advertising requires more effort to use .


Well because, it’s free and the big difference between
free and paid advertising, is that paid advertising usually has
marketing on high-traffic sites.

Or places where people are frequently and  where the crowd is.

Therefore you pay the premium price, for the ease of being in front of those
people via that that advertising platform

Free traffic it a lot of work.

But if that’s all you have…

Free advertising is  how I got started.

Just use the free traffic generation and work your way up

For example, right now,  I’m doing PPC / Pay-Per-Click or PPV /
Pay Per Ciew Advertising.

SEO: There’s also SEO which everybody knows about

SEO is kind of like Pay-Per-Click.

Google, Bing and Yahoo all have SEO or
pay-per-click programs.

But we warned!

You really have to be careful using PPC SEO.

If you really know your market.

If uou really know where your
market is

If you know what key terms you need for your

Have great landing pages

Call To Action (CTA)

And you’ve got a Sales Funnel, already set up, then SEO advertising could work for you.

But, once again, you have to have these systems already set up, ahead of time. perfectly.

Word of Mouth

The last great way to generate traffic free is word of mouth.

Word of Mouth works because, other people love to talk and refer other people.

You just have to have a proper service that makes people excited.

So try to find a way to make your product or service exciting!

Maybe provide free information or a report or guide book.

Maybe provide a free sample.

Provide something that makes it exciting and that makes the other person want to tell somebody else about it.

Personal Branding

Branding: Be  You!

I know I mentioned this, in my other videos, but Personal Branding is very important.

Alot of people, when they first get started, start looking for Work
from home businesses or home based businessese or get involved in network marketing or social media or something and they just end up sort of selling other people’s products.

But after awhile, you realize,  you’re just not getting results.

So you stop and sit back  and start to think, “what do I need to differently?”

Personal branding is basically you creating your brand.

Branding is about your marketing.

Branding is about your advertising

Branding is also about your theme

For example: Actors in Hollywood.

Actors are their own brand.

All Actors brand themselves.

When you go into a new movie, you’re going to see the actor.

You’re probably not going to really see the movie.

However, you might be going to see the movie but you might be wanting
to see that actor because they are your favorite.

Essentially, you’re trying to brand yourself so that , you as a person, or you
as a brand, or you as a product, or you as a service, other people want and identify with

These customers want to purchase from you matter what you sell.

No matter if it’s vitamins, and minerals, nutritional products, health and nutrition… or whether it be t-shirts.

No matter what it is, you are selling, they’ll buy from you.

Simply because they know you.

And if they bought from you, one time, then they’re more than likely to buy again.

So, once again, Personal Branding is very, very important.

Define your brand

Who are You?

What’s Your Message?

What do You Stand For?

Who are you about?

What Are You Passionate About ?

What do you love to do?

How Do You Like Helping People?

These are all little things that help you to find what your brand is.

Because your brand is really all about YOU!

Email Branding

Whenever you guys send out email to people  make sure in your email body or somewhere at the bottom of the email is your signature.

Include this signature at the the bottom of every email
you send.

An email signature may include:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Fax number
  • Mailing Address

An email signature, it just another way to brand

An Email Signature can help get your name and marketing message, in front of someone, in a very passive way.

Second Business Phone Number

Google Voice: I know a lot of people have a cell phone.

But maybe you don’t want to give your number out to strangers, right?

I mean that’s a big thing to some people.

So what I do is this.

  • Create a Google Voice account.
  • Make that Google Voice account your business
  • Put a nice little voicemail message on it

Google Voice is great!

You can put it on your Android or your Apple phone.

You can actually make calls with it and it’s the actual Google Voice number and not your number!

Your phone will ring, Google can answer the message, and receive the voicemail.

It’s a perfect solution and tool for the Entrepreneur who wants to have two phones or two phone numbers on their phone so they can have a personal and business number on their same phone.

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What is Internet Marketing Tools

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