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Ray Eason’s Top Tips and Strategies for Crushing It With Facebook Live and Creating Explosive Traffic Generation

Hey there again, It’s Ray with www.RayEason.com

In today’s video, we are going over 3 very simple Facebook Marketing Tips, Tricks and Strategies:

Facebook Marketing Tips

  1. Define Your Default Target Market
  2. Delivering Content To Your Audience
  3. Creating Recurring Customer Sales

But before we get started, I’l like to thank some people in particular…

In the very beginning of the Internet, Businesses, which wanted absolutely nothing to do with the Internet, have taken over the Internet itself, and her Social Media waters.

But those who are succeeding the most, are those bright and shining individuals who forge paths.

People like you and me who were born with life, love and a need and wantingness to help the world through out own personal gifts.

These great people, these people who work tirelessly for hours, sometimes years, without getting paid one red cent…

These are the great and true hero’s of our world.

These people are the individuals that the ancients wrote song, hymn and praise for.

These great people I like to call Entrepreneurs!

  • Define Your Default Target Market

Before you get started with your Facebook Marketing, there are a few things we need to take care.

One of the first thing every Entrepreneur and business owner needs to do is define who their customer are.

This is called your Target or Demographic Market.

If you have not learned how to define your market, please click here to watch this quick video.

  • Delivering Content To Your Audience

One of the most important things you want to get right, when using Facebook Marketing, or any Social Media Marketing, is posting content.

Delivering content can involve many difference aspects of your businesses advertising and marketing strategy.

Delivering content can be as simple as reposting or resharing something valuable or important.

Delivering content can also include creating a blog or article post.

If your article has valuable information and is content based and driven, share it with your friends, family and followers.

Value based information and content, when paired with  the right message and audience is the ticket to building a strong social media standing.

Scheduling Your Posts: Scheduling your posts is probably one of the most important things you need to figure out.

Every social media network is a little different.

If you are posting on Facebook, try to figure out when your audience is checking their phones. You can usually tell by the times of likes, comments and shares on your post.

  • Creating Recurring Customer Sales

After you have defined your target market and are posting value based content, then we are ready to start making some sales.

And that brings us to a very important part of your Marketing.

Your product!

The Product or Service is the mechanism you will use to convert a lead to a sale and there for commissions, sales and MONEY!

Yet again, this brings us to an important part of your Product/Service Line up.

Typically, customer purchases usually land in two categories. A One time sale and a Recurring or Subscription based sale.

What’s the difference?

Well that’s a very good question.

A typical one time sale usually happens when a customer purchases a product from you or your company One time.

It was a One time purchase and that’s it.

The customer picks up, or orders their product, it is shipped and thats it.

Hopefully, the customer decides to purchase again the following month, right?

Well “hopefully” is not good enough.

Perfect example: When you goto work, do you hopefully expect to get paid?

Probably not. lol

But its the same difference.

You have no control over the customer returning, because you let them go after the purchase.

You did not create a product or service which must be purchased from you, month after month.

Then there are recurring customers and sales.

Recurring customers, commissions and sales are were the real money is.

You create a product or service and the customer is locked into a month commitment.

Imagine what you could do if every lead that turned into a customer, purchased a recurring product or service from you.

That’s one less customer, you need to worry about acquiring next month.

With enough of these types of customers and sales… you will truly begin to build a small nest egg.

Which could turn into a huge golden egg after some years or months of work.

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