Why Building Social Media Makes Recruiting Easier Faster Convenient

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Why Building on Social Media Makes Recruiting Easier, Faster and More Convenient

Here’s why the advice of network marketing leaders (especially old school peeps) is not always the most relevant in today’s digital age…

Something another network marketing leader and top producer said at a company event REALLY PERPLEXED me… (the full story is in the article below)
I see more and more leaders building their business using the internet, yet some of these same leaders are still telling their people NOT to build a brand online.
Do you think it’s a situation where it’s “Do as I say, not as I do?”
Regardless, I’ve found that building my business and brand online, has actually made attracting prospects and new team members easier, faster and far more convenient than holding home meetings or driving around town meeting with prospects.
It’s been a game changer and this article pretty much sums up why you literally DO NOT have to choose between your family, your personal time and your network marketing business.
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